About me


I’m a creative, originally from NZ. I have been working in the UK for the last 9 years now – and during this time I have worked at Tribal DDB, Profero, Glue and The Bridge in Glasgow.

I originally cut my teeth in offline advertising, but I have also worked in solely digital agencies. More recently at DDB, I have been working completely integrated. My main forte is conceptual thinking, and my especial flair is for copy, but I can also do a spot of art directing.

During my career I have worked solo, and also in the more traditional ‘teams of two’. I have also worked collaboratively with other creatives, designers, and programmers – as well as mentoring many junior members of staff.

As a result of this experience, I strongly believe that multi-discipline collaboration is the most effective way to work – particularly in digital – and so I am very proactive in consulting with other members of the team about creative ideas, to make sure they really are the best they can be.

I am passionate about creating engaging work that respects the audience’s intelligence and invites them in. That’s why I particularly love digital, and integrated ideas. If the audience don’t like it, they won’t engage with it. I love that challenge.

I have had loads of client contact in the last 3 years, and through this I have developed a knack for developing good client relationships. I have had great feedback about my presentation skills, particularly in pitch situations. I have had a great success rate with pitches too.

Email: jaimemclennan@hotmail.co.nz

Mobile: +44(0)7921266169

Oh, and to see some nice things some of my colleagues, bosses and clients have said about me – take a look on LinkedIn