Pitch-winning idea for Expedia, the Inspiroscope. The brief was to create an engaging experience that made planningĀ a trip online exciting again…

Visitors were invited to enter in whatever ‘got them going’.

They could enter in absolutely anything that they like to do on holiday.

And this would generate an inspiring visual experience that they could keep adding to –

Adding in all their favorite things, ie, ‘Sun’.

Or ‘Fruit’ –

Or ‘Birds’ –

They could keep on adding and playing with the tool, choosing to ‘view destinations’ at any point.

Then they would see intelligent holiday suggestions based on what they had entered in.

Unfortunately, due to Internal restructuring within Expedia this idea didn’t run, though a fully-functioning Inspiroscope has been built.

Some Extensions of the idea we were planning to build into the later phases:

– Making it into a multi-user experience, so that groups could use it to agree on a mutually-acceptable destination together.

– Inserting your own holiday pics into it to display in a more interesting way- after you have returned from a trip. – Embedding a version of it into your social network profile to show off either the places that get you going or your post-holiday snaps.

– Having an Interactive World Map where people could share their Inspiroscopes and Holiday experiences with each other.