A very challenging brief – to try and tackle the spread of bullying online.┬áThe strategy was to talk to the ‘accomplices’, the kids who just go along with, or laugh at the bullying, to get them to challenge their own behavior.┬áThe line ‘If you laugh at it, you’re part of it’ perfectly summed their implication up. The digital executions created a substantial attitudinal shift amongst the target audience, and the Myspace page solicited a huge surge of soul-baring testimonials.

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Independent post campaign survey results:
Over 50% recall amongst the target audienceAttitudinal shift-
90% perceived cyberbullying as negative after the campaign. (pre campaign: 71%)84% stated they would take action if they were a witness to cyberbullying, with nearly half stating they would go as far as defending a person being cyberbullied.

Notable PR-
Front page features on both the Yahoo and BBC News homepages, further cementing the issue of cyberbullying in the public consciousness.


2008 IMA Awards – Finalist

2008 Campaign Big Awards – Winner: Best digital campaign for government (National and Local).

2007 New York Festival – Shortlisted.

2007 Creative Review Annual Placement.

2007 Marketing Society Awards – Winner: Digital Media, Commended: Leading-Edge thinking.