Volkswagen up!

A social media launch for VW’s new model, the up! Based on a very simple premise: tell your friends one great thing about the new up! and Volkswagen will tell all of BRITAIN one great thing about you:

People were invited to choose one great thing about the new up! to share with their social networks, spinning the car round to choose from a selection of wittily-crafted ‘compliments’:

In return, Volkswagen shared a compliment about them with the whole nation. On GIANT billboards. We wrote hundreds of individually-crafted, quirky compliments; shown for 5 seconds each at digital poster sites at London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Edinburgh and Glasgow to thank them for taking part. Here’s a selection:

We also used their Facebook-data to make the compliments even more personal:

The Big Ups ran live on Facebook and people could set text or email reminders to watch them at the right time.

After it ran, it was posted to their wall for all their friends to see.

Results: Thousands of compliments were dished out over a 3 week run all across Britain, and the campaign contributed over a 10% uplift to Volkswagen UK’s fans on Facebook.The campaign resulted in thousands of defined user interactions and widespread exposure to the new up!

•Reached over 58 million people with our message about the new up!
•Gained over 60,000 unique visitors to our Facebook tab
•The campaign has generated over 11,000 interactions that has resulted in “up!” content being shared. This represents a mixture of ‘likes’ and big ups!